How about live-streaming @ Kumamoto for a walk around the castle town?

Kumamoto City will hold “Kumamoto Migration Labo Uronkoron Salon Vol. 2: Life in a Castle Town” on Saturday, October 30, 2012.
Kumamoto Migration Labo Uronkoron Salon vol. 2: Life in a Castle Town” will be held.

On Facebook Live.
Ruri of Furumachi Komachi will guide you along the Karajinmachi Street in Furumachi.

Why don’t you join us and enjoy walking around the castle town?

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Kumamoto Migration Labo Urokoron Salon vol.2 “Life in a Castle Town” (10/30 Facebook Live & Online Social Networking Event) (Kumamoto City official immigration information site) (

This event is planned and managed by the Kumamoto City Economic Policy Division’s Shigoto Zukuri Promotion Office. @kumamotodo

First half / Facebook Live (no charge to attend)
▶︎Saturday, October 30, 2021, 11:00-11:40
▷Distribution Facebook Live
We will welcome as our guests Mr. Katsuaki Sato, a creative director and an immigrant who works in Kumamoto City, and Ms. Ruri Furumachi Komachi, an old town guide in Kumamoto Castle Town. Ruri, who usually works as a guide, will guide you through the “Karajinmachi Street” in the castle town area, which has the aroma of the good old days, via Facebook Live. We will take the time to talk with the two about their reasons for moving to Kumamoto and how they feel about living in Kumamoto.

Second half / Zoom online social gathering (free of charge)
▶︎30 October 30, 2009 (Sat) 11:50-12:30
▷Tools used: Online meeting tool Zoom
▷Registration required in advance, capacity of 20 people

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