Kumamoto City's Historic Town Development Plan Priority Area is now available in "Pokémon GO"!

~Rediscover historic buildings with “Pokémon GO”!~


Kumamoto City is promoting historical town development through the “Kumamoto City Historical Landscape Maintenance and Improvement Plan” in order to protect and nurture the city’s unique historical landscape and pass it on to the next generation.

In order to promote the hidden charms of the region and provide opportunities to become familiar with history and culture from a new angle, we collaborated with Niantic, which operates “Pokémon GO”. Forty-two locations, including historical buildings in the city, will become “pokestop”.

This time, implementation will begin as the fifth initiative among the certified cities that have been approved by the government for the “Historic Preservation and Improvement Plan”.

For details, please check the Kumamoto City website.


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